2011 Happy New Year?

Welcome to my first blog on “How not to do Social Work”, it seems fitting that it is also the first one of a new year.  I saw the New Year in with my wife, and I was surprised when she informed me after I wished her a Happy New Year “What was there to be happy about?”  I should not have been surprised as for the past two years we have not had the best of years.   Despite my wife being sponsored by her employer to complete her own Social Work training, and my own promotion to Assistant Team Manager.

I however, try to be more positive in looking forward to what this year may bring both at work and at home.  And despite David Cameron’s, New Year Speech saying 2011 is going to be a difficult year, as we take hard but necessary steps to sort things out.” I look forward to what challenges the next twelve months brings.

The first challenge for me will be my Student Social Worker starting in two weeks.  A young and bright Masters Student, who is very keen and eager to work with teenagers with mental health issues.  I am reliably informed that she is looking forward to working within our team and learning all she can from myself (oh dear).  

The other challenge I have to deal with is a pending threat of Judicial review from one of my unaccompanied Asylum seekers, who despite all of the support being offered to him still wants the impossible and is trying to use a massive hole in the Section 20 Wishes and Feelings to try and get it.

I will also at some point during this year look at my own development, and complete further training to develop my own carer and consider what direction I want to go in.  This will I guess become clearer as the year goes on, and the scale of the cut backs becomes known.

So I will look forward to writing here how this progresses and also how I feel during it all.

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