College of Hope or College drop out?

Having been a Child Protection Social Worker I know what it is like to spend a whole day sitting in a cold court waiting to be seen by the Judge.  Furthermore, I know and feel completely frustrated every time my detailed and accurate assessments were ignored.  Often due to the very fact of the lack of having a Professional body, to back up my Professional title of Social Worker.  To listen to the Judge order a second assessment by a Psychologist, who every time will take my own assessment and reformat it into their own.  May I add at great expense.

So when I heard that there was going to be a Professional Organisation I was excited at the possibility that now there will be someone championing the work that Social Workers do.  I find it hard to understand why BASW and its resources have not been included in the talks with the College of Social Work  and what this tension will mean to the overall validity of either, for Social Workers.

I am sure in any other setting and business, competition would be good.  But with the current elected party looking to save money on the deficit, puts I feel both projects at risk.  It also leaves me confused as to which, I should be a member of.  And wondering whether I will have time to research both to make the right decision of which to join. 

However, I remain positive that the knowledge Social Workers hold; and if respected in the Legal arena could prevent delay in proceedings, reducing costs and also ensuring that more time can be spent identifying the right long term placement for the children.  Whether this be at home or Adoption.


2 responses

  1. There's only one College of Social Work that you can join and which will provide you with the services you need. That's BASW – The College of Social Work. You can find out what this all means on our website at where we have an extensive FAQ. Anything else you're unsure about, please e-mail us or leave a comment on the website. Let BASW – The College of Social Work reassure you and remove the confusion of any doubt that there's more than one credible organisation that you should consider joining.

  2. I've been a member of BASW for a few years. In my heart I just wanted everyone to get along and have one cohesive body but it looks like things aren't going that way. The division I think will only hurt the profession in the long run. I also think it's important to be unionised in the current climate. I'm a member of Unison as well but have often thought a social work specific union would be better. Oh well, I guess we'll wait and see but I say that with hope.

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