Voters back cuts!

Have you ever wondered why 57% of Voters back cuts but cool on coalition – poll | Politics | The Guardian, When I first read this I thought this must be wrong!!…….

But the reality is probably far easier to explain.  57% of the voters probably have not felt the effects of the cuts.  Their Children have not attended schools where there is not enough support staff.  If their children need Statements of Special Education they have been able to fight for this through tribunals! 

Maybe they have been fortunate not to have experienced their son or daughter go missing, and not have had to worry because the Police Officer responsible for finding them had their post removed.   Or been a victim of crime when there has only been one patrol car on duty in the whole of the town.  Or not had to worry during child birth that there is not enough Midwives for support.  Or that there is no Health Visitors who are so important for monitoring for Post Natal Depression and supporting a new family with their joy.

I understand why reducing the deficit is important, I have been reducing my own for the past four years!  I have had to cut out holidays!! nights out! treats for my Children! who do not understand sometimes why they can not have the latest toys out.  I have to say that I am now seeing an improvement in my own economic circumstances.  Will the economy recover in the same way?

Today I have even felt the effects of the cuts closer to home than normal.  Trying to refer a young person onto Adults services.  The Transitions team that would have previously supported the Young Person from Children Services to Adult Services has been removed.  The Social Workers absorbed into other teams.  

Now the process is more complicated trying to negotiate the thresholds, the single point of access and trying to get a stretched team involved before 18 to ensure the right support is provided.

I guess what has really made me angry is the assumption that the working class deserve this, after a comment I had seen on twitter by aTory supporter!!  Deserve this? 

I guess they don’t understand the Public Services.  I guess they don’t know that unlike the Private Sector, the Public Sector can not go bust! leave a job half done and run with the money.   Perhaps they are scared that greed is not the motivation for Social Work, or Teachers, or Police Officers, Nurses, and many other Public Sectors workers.

So make your cuts, but remember one day you may need that Service, you may need support, and you may need Emergency Services.  So don’t blame the Public Sector when you don’t get it.  Instead, lets work together to make it work for the vulnerable people in our Society who can not afford the luxury private care!

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