Carer Cuts

Can you remember your carer’s advice before Connexions was created? For me it is so long ago my own memory of it is very vague.  At most it was a one hour lesson and answering some questions on a computer programme.  I am still delighted that my chosen carer was on that list.  Looking back now, that was the total amount of my carer’s advice.  The rest was down to me and luck and a lot of pressure – I mean support from my family.
Having worked closely with Connexions for the past year, I can see an immense benefit for this service.  For some Young People they will know instantly what they will do in the future.  Some Young People will they will be lucky enough to go down an interest that may lead them into a carer.  However, there is a whole host of Young People from all parts of Society that do not fall into these categories.  They have no support from family, no positive role models and may not have been looked after by the Local Authority.  Their education quickly becoming low on their agenda as the need to survive in a hard-hitting Society increases.
There continues to be a rise in the numbers of Young People who are unemployed.  Leaving School and not finding work, or having College course qualifications that don’t support their job applications.  And at this point I do worry about my own children, and where they will find work when they are older.  It seems with the loss of Woolworths that there seems to be a loss of high street jobs, with a trend moving towards online shopping continues to spread.  This may be easier however, if you do live in a bigger town or city.
Therefore Connexions is not just about carer’s advice.  It is a safe place to visit, where staff are friendly, and have experience to support Young People with Teenage Pregnancy, Counselling, Substance Misuse.  They work with lots of different teams to provide support to all Young People.  Connexions run short courses with employers that could lead to employment; they advertise jobs appropriate for Young People.  Connexions are also in Colleges and support Young People to apply for College and find the right College course for them helping Young People to return to education.
So it saddens me as a Professional and as a Father knowing that this service is going to be phased out and replaced with a more generic service.  Where carer’s advice will return to School’s for the Young People.  Some Connexions have already gone from the town centre making it harder for Young People to gain help and support.
In today’s Society we are being encouraged to look and talk about “Big Society” it appears where people are no longer able to expect to get ‘face to face’ support.  Instead you will need to have the confidence and ability and determination to find out the information for yourself using the internet (if you have access).  Or maybe joining the many at your local job centre and argue and fight the bureaucracy there for information and support.
Connexions is a positive service for all Young People and one that promotes the five Key Outcomes and also supports Young People in our communities.

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