Final week of the school term!

The last week of school term is never a good week to try and find yourself some time to do anything for yourself.  So far there has been a leavers BBQ and leavers assembly.  Swimming lessons x2 football training x2 Cubs BBQ and then the Cub holiday meeting that for some reason I volunteered to help out with by driving the mini bus, and also sleeping out rough with some of the cubs who want to try this.  Every evening I come back feeling drained! and making this week feel like it has been the longest ever at work.  Of course it is the same as every other week.

However, I have still been inspired by something this week! I have been asked by the team that looks after education for looked after children, to address and speak with the head teachers in our local authority about the role of social workers and are day to day work.  Why do I feel that this is important? embarrassing to say it as obvious and as simple as the amount of time young people spend in school with their teachers every day.  Teachers can inspire, Teachers can detect early on with the right training and knowledge signs of abuse including neglect.

As a social worker this is very important when working with children and young people to achieve positive outcomes.  But it also essential that in times where there is huge economic strain and schools have been given control of LAC children’s personal education budget.  That teachers and headteachers in particular understand the difficulties that looked after children can potential have.

It is also a time when some local authorities are trying to save money or be clever with joined up resources and knowledge by replacing the director for Children and the director for Adult services with just one director  as described in the Community Care article called “is reunification of social services departments right for families”   The answer for families is probably no! However, working in a team where some children need a smooth transition.  I can see the obvious advantage that this would provide, rather than what now exists is a scrap and argument and finger pointing argument if the referral is not made in time to complete a smooth transfer process.  And lets be honest there never is a smooth transition even when the needs are obvious and clear that the young person will need continuing support for the rest of their life.

To make this week worse I cancelled my annual leave for next week in order to save it for childcare later in the year.  To find everyone in the office now talking about their own holidays they have booked for next week has made everyday a challenge.

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