A crazy week……….?

Wow, its one of those weeks again! well almost every week is now becoming one of those weeks.  Its like working in a pressure cooker and waiting for the perfect meal at the end of the week and instead you wait and wait and there is no end.  Every Social Worker I have supervised this week I have heard the same problems, difficulties and guilt that they are not able to keep up.

Social Work is not a job where a decision can be made with no thought, or where plans can be created without assessments, or an incident takes place and need recording, and recording and just to ensure everything is done properly recorded again.  Yes sometimes up to three times!  I wonder sometimes why I did the training? but I know why – despite this it is still a great job, the rewards are not few and far between and every now and again you hear of a young person who has left University and achieved well.  Or for others it is managing their own tenancy and not needing 24/7 support.

If I was asked to explain why there seems to be so much work I would have to argue that there is several reasons for this.  The first is easy, with all of the budget cuts the pressure is on every worker to be creative with the service we offer.  Finding solutions, supporting young people where other services have been cut, roles have been cut.  The other reason is the massive change in the guidance to the Children Act this year – great timing!

To make it harder every day the impact of the cuts digs deeper with vital posts have been cut or experienced staff’s contracts are not renewed in order to find a cheaper replacement.  Or colleagues who have their jobs under threat, worried about whether they will still have a job.

I guess what makes it more exciting is the hot desking and the sudden outbreak of sickness! just what you want in a tight small working environment, that and the questions you have to ask about the cleanliness of some people!

I hope some sense can be found, failing that a little bit of logic! okay well maybe failing both of these I wonder whether calm can be found in the office.


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