Monday Morning

You know when it is going to be a good week when ten minutes into work the phone has already rung off the hook.  The duty worker is late and when they do arrive, you need to ring for an ambulance for them! Normally it takes me several cups of coffee before I can even begin to digest the events of the weekend, and make sure everyone is where they should be and everyone is okay.  So by the end of the first hour of this week I was already ready to go home and start again.  And if this is how the week is going to go I will certainly need to make sure that I have my second cup of coffee before I leave home in the morning!

To make life more exciting the rest of the team managed to do complete a disappearing trick, either being on holiday or deciding today was the day that they needed to make their out of county visits.  Taking a look at my own diary it is not going to be forgiving  for me this week, with a secure order review and my own out of county visit taking two of my days up.  Leaving me two days to catch up on everything else.

With one worker off long term sick and no budget for a replacement member of staff for our worker.  I have been volunteered to complete his statutory visits.  Secretly this gives me an opportunity to get out of the office and spend some time with young people and not to have to worry about what might be happening in the office. But on the downside it means that I am fitting in extra work around assessments that need a lot of time and work to ensure the right outcome is made.

For me at the moment it is clear that the greatest cuts being felt within the team at the moment is ‘time’, with more work and more pressure it is important that workers look after their health.  Ensuring leave is used and time owed in lieu is taken and training is kept up to date.  However, what this means is that those left to cover are having to pick up the tasks to ensure a good quality service is being offered to our looked after children.

There is always tomorrow!


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