One year on

It has been an interesting day in the office forget the placement break downs, forget the phone ringing non stop.   There was an excuse today to celebrate a year of working in a “Fish bowel” managing to cope with no fixed desks, the facilities not working, faxes and photocopiers breaking down on panel days.

But as the table cloth is laid, and the assorted food is laid out and everybody is mixing and talking about the previous year.  The real business is being done else where, as the effects of the first years cuts were being talked about, the next two years were being planned.

This time the cuts will hurt and the impact on the service will be harder.  Meaning that there will be greater pressure on the workers to deliver the same service or a better service.  The true effect of what will happen is not known, redundancies and dismal’s are whispered, as well as a restructure.

But should I get excited about the changes, will the processes become simpler and made easier to identify resources for the young people to enable the young people to achieve better outcomes.   However, will the changes mean this or will the impact be on both the workers and the young people needing support.  


One response

  1. While cuts may force the public sector to be more innovative and 'clever' about how they use their money and will reduce some of the 'stodge' that exists in some areas, I fear that in overworked and already under-resourced areas like social care there there will not be the time or resources available to appropriately adapt to these new finanical realities and to ensure that everyone can maximise their effectiveness. More work, less time and less resources will only result in a poorer service being delivered to those most in need. As always it is left to the individual social worker to make the best of a bad situation. This is a large part of my motivation in creating my website to try and 'feed' and resource those working with disengaged young people.

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