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Young, Pregnant and in care!

The hardest realisation you can face is often the one you find out to late about it. For years there has been a stereotype that if you are young and pregnant you will be given your own flat. And having worked with young people for the past two years this has not always been the case. But I am also pleased that until now all young mums that I have worked with have been brilliant at meeting the needs of their babies.

However, there is still a very small percentage where the level of support is needed to be higher. It is always harder to explain this process without instilling fear into the young person! The dangers and risks are high because the parents are also young and vulnerable.

To increase this risk the young Mum has still been living in her own chaos, fighting the system and demanding a flat despite not coping living alone twice before.

I worry that this small percentage of young people will be set up to fail, as services are cut well trained professionals and organisations will not be able to provide guidance and assistance where needed. For young people in care there is already little trust in social care workers as expectations change with high staff turnovers, or funding being with drawn from needed services.

At 17 and a half are you a child or are you a young adult? Will you get a flat? Only when you are ready, only with support. It is right that this is assessed and that a decision should be made as to whether this is the right thing to do.

I hope that no further support is cut for young people especially young mums. And because of this those who are vulnerable will be given more time to show that they can affect change for themselves and their babies.


Its been a long time since I have last been able to write something as I have been without the internet and had a lot that has changed for me. I have been able to use this time to think about how young people must feel when they experience change, and how they must feel without any means to communicate with the people that they love and care for. For some this will be necessary to keep them safe from the people that have been causing them harm. However, for me I did begin to feel isolated and unable to do certain tasks that I had been used to do so easily before.

Change has also been a hot topic at work and it is something that social work and social workers are very much used to. However, this change is because of the massive cost savings the government requires all services to make and I feel is a dangerous position to be in for everyone. As the demand on services increase so does the demand on workers. Post disappear, buildings disappear, services disappear and as the threshold increases for people to access these services means that more families and individuals have to suffer before the support is provided often to late for the many.

The impact of this change is being felt everywhere, especially where vulnerable people are concerned. More noticeably to me is with people who do not normally concern themselves with social care issues are beginning to now understand that their is a new group of people who will be never able to break free from their circumstances, despite what ever schemes are put in place to help them. For many agency’s this is not something new, but something that they had been able to make some progress in helping and supporting people. Now time is not the issue, the issue is having the resources and the money to help.

The struggle is becoming significant as the support that is need is being cut or services that could be in the past are dispensed of are now being charged for. And for Social Care the dilemma is that the current legislation does not always support these changes or the Government cuts and as such will create legal challenges to this.

I do not know whether it is just me? or does this cost saving logic make any sense. The legal challenges alone will further reduce the services that are available. To make it worse is that those in power will happily deny any responsibility putting it all back on the people who control the budgets within the Local Authority. Which has a further negative impact on the organisations trying to help vulnerable people.