Christmas looked after spirit

Its not long to Christmas to now, even in the office the decorations have gone up under strict health and safety guidance! I have even forced myself and the kids to listen to xmas albums on our iPod every morning during breakfast, to try and find some of that xmas spirit.  i mean this time last year it was completely different with the snow well and truly established on every inch of ground.  Making it feel like a Movie Christmas!

Big news we were also blessed with an extra hour this year for our Christmas Party! I guess know one had sent the memo to the Chief Exc saying we were going to take it anyway.  But none the less a kind gesture.  Which, the following day was followed by another  announcement of job losses and people at risk of their job.  So again xmas spirit is slashed knowing that for some people this year Christmas will be done on the tightest of budgets so that every penny.

I try to avoid sending Christmas Cards to colleagues at work, purely because I know so many people within the LA, which means to send one would mean to send hundreds.  So instead I like the idea of donating money to Charity for every card received.

It is a difficult time of the year, and whilst other workers maybe be calming down for a xmas break.  I am finding that working with young people in care that the work is…………… , Well lets be honest in general all work in social work is just getting busier!

I also find and think at this time of the year it is hard, as the young people we work with either spend time away from home or alone.  Some through choice and others because they have no family.  At least this year xmas parties have been put on for those at risk of being alone during this holiday period through the participation teams.  For some young people they may want contact with their family but continue to be let down by their family.  Others may want contact but due to the risks presented by them it may not be safe.

I wonder with all of the cuts being made whether this will be offered next year, or whether there will be money to provide Christmas Presents to children living alone in supported living placements.  In a way I am glad that I have not seen the Coca Cola advert this year with the sound of the Holidays are coming being repeated over and over again.

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