Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to everyone! Its an exciting time for me writing this blog as I only started writing “How not to do Social Work” this time 12 months ago.  The excitement is still there, not know whether anyone is going to read it or is interested.

2011 was a busy year for me and others with so much happening in the world of Social Care and Social Work.  2012 appears to be continuing with the same theme and is going to be equally as interesting and will no doubt demonstrate equally difficult challenges.  I know where I work these challenges are not just in the terms of resources that are available, but also in the form of a major restructure and with changes in the terms of our employment conditions.

It is proving ever more difficult to practise as a Social Worker when working for a Local Authority that is having to make changes to fit the Government’s plans.  It is clear that Social Work still remains misunderstood and therefore can be adapted like any other department.  The priority still remains the pot holes in the roads, and with the cold weather coming it will be difficult times and tough decision making for some councils.

It is a worry for many people whether they will still have a job in a few months time, and for many people I work with it is the same.  I hear it being said over and over again in the office “We will be okay because we are Social Workers!” Guess what, I don’t think anybody is okay in an environment that is as tough as this one.  When Social Workers leave their posts they are not being replaced, and if they are it is to newly qualified workers who require more support and time, to ensure that they are protected until they are comfortable and able to manage.

However, no matter how hard it is it does not reflect how hard it is for the people we work with. That is the challenge, no matter what the politics are of the job is to find and fight for the right service for the young people.  To raise their outcomes and encourage them to take the dwindling opportunity’s that are available to them.

I look forward to these challenges and supporting people to make a difference, I know I will continue with my learning and continue to raise the profile of Social Work in a positive way.

Happy New Year

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