feeling positive?

Sometimes and only sometimes I wondered whether I made the right choice in becoming a Social Worker.  You never finish on time, you can never achieve what you want to achieve and always blamed for something that has not gone right even if you have no control over it or not.

Despite this I can not help to feel proud to be a Social Worker for Children and Young People.  I find the everyday challenge is given back over and over on a daily basis not by the media, not by your employer but by the young people you work with.  Because despite the minority that sadly do not have a positive experience of social work intervention there still remains a majority that are grateful.  

Young People who despite being abandoned by their family, excluded from society because they struggle with managing on a daily basis.  That are grateful for any chance, someone to talk too, someone who will fight for them and support them to achieve positive outcomes.  And I guess why I enjoy working with young people rather than children, is because of the variety in expression portrayed helps me engage with harder to reach young people.

In one meeting this week a young person who I met for the first time came in to see me screaming, f’ing and was generally very angry.  Instead of finding my heart sinking instead I found it filling with pride and admiration that the young person at least cared what was happening to him.  My role was to prove that I felt the same, and this is a challenge ‘why would I be any different from anybody else this young person has already met before?’  

I also met another young person who had been living with her older siblings, passed from one to the other, but neither having the time or the wish to care for her adequately, despite full support being provided.  The impact on the young person had left her desperate for attention, which she had sort through shop lifting hoping to be caught each time.  Her maturity and pride impressed me greatly in seeking help to improve her own life and make the decision to leave this situation.  

So for me leaving social work is not a choice I can not make, however I do find that it is important to be continue my learning in order to provide the best practise I can.  And hope that through my practise I can encourage other workers to feel the same.

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