feeling drained

Its one of those weeks again when despite everything you do, you still find it hard to feel like you have achieved anything meaningful. At the moment it feels like having sole responsibility of painting Golden Gate Bridge on your own. Knowing once you have finished, that you will have to start again.

I wonder whether I have made the right carer choice sometimes? I know I like social work, and spend a lot of time doing my own reading and learning. I understand good practise and enjoy spending time with other social workers sharing what I have learnt. Furthermore I really enjoying seeing their faces or hearing the stories when they return to the office after my advice has helped them.

Still, despite all of this social work is trapped within a small bubble a small percentage of the population. That already is disadvantaged by poverty, lack of education encouragement and low job prospects. Moreover, the services required are often rare and where available costly.

Which, often means that each management decision sort is a battle that after time becomes draining, consequently having a massive impact on not only the social workers, young people but now me!

Don’t worry I am not looking for sympathy! because each day is a new day and a new battle. Each one leads to a better outcome for the young people as rules for engagement are learnt. However, as a social worker it is important to understand the needs of the young people. Without this understanding, without those important conversation being held with the carers, with the schools or the managers then social work can be a difficult task in protecting essential funding for the young people.

picture credit: sanfranshuttletours.com

2 responses

  1. Thank you for your honesty. You share some feelings that can be felt by many fellow workers in the field at different points in times in their journeys and careers. What I liked about this post is that you honestly acknowledged how you were feeling. Once we acknowledge these feelings we can begin to work on dealing with them and moving forward. But I also think that problems can occur if we deny that something’s wrong because that denial can show up in a variety of ways that could impact our work and personal life. It’s good to have an outlet to express ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Thank you Relando, there are many challenges within the social work role. And writing this blog certainly helps me manage and understand them. To often I meet workers who do not express effectively how they are feeling, often meaning that they have to take time off.

      Thank you for your comments again

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