New Starts!

Its getting closer, the day that I start my new role – and this is where it does get strange because although it is a new role and a new local authority its not a new job or even a major job change!

Still I will be the new boy on the block, the unknown social worker and as such (hopefully) will be getting an ‘induction’! Looking back at when i started my current post and even my previous post this has always been a non starter; on both occasions the manager was not in to great me and worse still know one was prepared for me to start.  Which for my current post was considerably harder as the team looked to me to be their manager from 9am the morning I started.  I can remember feeling very anxious about this as I knew one other worker had gone for the post I was in and she was still within the team! a popular staff member who was very experienced and very awkward for a while.

However, social work is not easy, and having to learn the role by doing is a painful experience but one you never forget – I am not advocating that this is the right approach and can remember on both occasions questioning why I had made the move!

Suddenly though I receive an e-mail Dear SimplySW prior to you commencing your role please can you complete two compulsory e-learning course! we have booked you on a meet the Chief Exc morning! and once you start we expect you to complete the rest of the e-learning course.  Hang on a minute! this can not be right? this almost sounds prepared and thought about, logical and welcoming even maybe supportive!

Well I will soon find out, and already looking forward to making this change.

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  1. Does sound like you will get the welcome you deserve in your new job. Hope it all goes well on the day and I look forward to hopefully reading about it here.

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