A good ending


So the end has come, my last day in the looked after children’s team has past by.  I have said good bye to the team and my other colleagues that I have worked with for the past six years.  It has come at a good time in my social work career for me to move on.

Just as it is important to ensure endings are positive for young people, ensuring your own endings are good is also equally important.  I have learnt very much over the past six years that a good working relationship within the service helps you achieve better outcomes for the young people you work with.

I have a better understanding of health, education, youth offending and CAMHS from ensuring I worked closely with them, attending team meetings, completing joint visits and that all important social work skill of making a good cup of coffee!

My last day was filled with sadness and joy, and most of it was spent in a daze as everyone else remained focused on their daily routines I seemed to float around the office ensuring i had completed everything I could.  There is always a drama in the office and on my last day as an observer it was good to see that everyone pulls together to ensure that the person having a difficult time is helped and supported.

I also had a choice of having my leaving lunch in the office or going out; and knowing my team if there was lunch in the office they would not stop working.  So we took a rare break and ate out a good opportunity for me to say goodbye and for the team to say hello to our new worker!

I have been very lucky in my time working for my LA, but now I have said goodbye and had a positive ending I am looking forward to moving on and learning something new and helping others to learn in their practise.

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  1. Sahar the Student Social Worker | Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your last day, if a little dazed. You looked more dazed by the evening! Enjoy your new role. I know you’ll be missed.

    Take care.

    Sahar, the student.

    1. Thank you Sahar, good luck with the rest of your placement! x

  2. I’m so glad that you had a good ending, and I am definitely wishing you the best as you start your next chapter!

    1. Thank you Relando, a good ending is important to help move on! I have left a great team and looking forward to meeting my new one!

  3. Can’t believe I missed you on your last day, but good luck on your future plans

    Nicky 🙂

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