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Young, Pregnant and in care!

The hardest realisation you can face is often the one you find out to late about it. For years there has been a stereotype that if you are young and pregnant you will be given your own flat. And having worked with young people for the past two years this has not always been the case. But I am also pleased that until now all young mums that I have worked with have been brilliant at meeting the needs of their babies.

However, there is still a very small percentage where the level of support is needed to be higher. It is always harder to explain this process without instilling fear into the young person! The dangers and risks are high because the parents are also young and vulnerable.

To increase this risk the young Mum has still been living in her own chaos, fighting the system and demanding a flat despite not coping living alone twice before.

I worry that this small percentage of young people will be set up to fail, as services are cut well trained professionals and organisations will not be able to provide guidance and assistance where needed. For young people in care there is already little trust in social care workers as expectations change with high staff turnovers, or funding being with drawn from needed services.

At 17 and a half are you a child or are you a young adult? Will you get a flat? Only when you are ready, only with support. It is right that this is assessed and that a decision should be made as to whether this is the right thing to do.

I hope that no further support is cut for young people especially young mums. And because of this those who are vulnerable will be given more time to show that they can affect change for themselves and their babies.