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Research Diary (half way through)

Have you ever wondered how-for long periods of time nothing appears to be happening.  Then, just when you are unaware, relaxed everything hits you at once.

This of course never really happens in social work, because the case loads are to high-and even when it is quiet there is always a piece of work that could be completed to provide additional support.

However, saying this-I have met with my Research tutor this week and all of a sudden realised that I now have 6 weeks to undertake my research, analyse my data and write up the findings.  Thank fully this is not going to be a life changing piece of work or I would now be breaking out in to a cold panic!

6 weeks!! What has happened? what have I been doing that has meant that so much time has already passed by? Well, I never really hard a lot of time to undertake this module so that explains how three months has now become six weeks.  Furthermore, it is so easy to lose focus and concentrate on the more pressing issues of work.  Sadly by the time I come home all I really want to do is collapse on the sofa.

However, In reality I am charged with the social and emotional development of my own children.  Which includes taxing from one club to another, whilst listening to their reading and supporting with their own dinner.

I can not complain, over the year my wife and I have developed a Barcelona style approach to parenting where we don’t try anything fancy instead it is just hard work and make every pass count! But by the time I stop in the evening to reflect upon the additional learning it is easily substituted (to keep up with the football references) for a mindless television programme before bed.

Consequently now having met with my Tutor, I have been put back on the right direction.  My consent forms are written, my project information sheet is written and I have even pencilled together five main questions and some smaller questions in these.

I will give myself a two week window to complete the interviews and leave myself three weeks to write up the research project.  Only allowing myself one week to have my work checked, and make corrections.

The risk here is that my timescales have become so tight that I may have to sacrifice sleep in order to complete this work.  And if you find yourself in a position where you have to undertake a literature review or your own research do not leave it to the last minute.  You will need the time to make it relevant and I now find myself worrying whether I will have the time to make this research useful!