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Looking for work or been unemployed, how can the Government get people working again BBC – Panorama explores. A massive task, after the Governments cull of Local Authority workers and services that Local Authority’s support directly and indirectly. For many towns, city’s and counties the Local Authority has traditionally been the biggest employer, and a provider of a job for life. A notion like “Work ethic” that seems to be eroded away. Instead, make money fast and invest back into private business to continue making money and allow the next person to try their luck seems to be the current job climate.  On top of this many other employers have prepared for tough economic times by cutting their work forces as a way of improving profit margins and safeguarding against further job loses.

The theme of supporting people back into work will be continued with the Fairy Jobmother looking at individuals and overcoming their barriers at finding work. Another great way of making people who are unemployed, or stuck in a rut feel good about themselves. if only there could be two of these in every town, village and city the unemployment problem will be resolved (maybe). However, missing the real area in which the work needs to be done in the first place. With many young people being raised in poverty, used to drugs, or have developed or battling against mental health issues. The traditional way of looking for work needs to be changed. 

Instead of fighting for every job you apply for, trying to sell something that each applicant already has to an employer who has heard it all, already. Young people need to know that there is work available and need to be able to move straight into it after finishing college, or even school if this is what they choose. Without this concept for many of them work will always remain a myth, or a fear that it does not exist. Something they will never achieve if they do not have a qualifications, or they have been told they will never be able do it.

Giving someone the skills to cook, clean, fight, or build is not good enough on its own, especially if at the end of the course the only thing that happens is that you return to doing nothing. Allowing the self esteem that you have developed quickly fade away as day by day your circumstances get worse and worse again. Repeating the course compounding further your worthlessness.

For young people leaving care this battle is even harder, often been called ‘NEET’ or Not in education or employment or training.  Young People who were used to being looked after, used to having support, and someone to pick them up and help them learn from their mistakes.  Find themselves more vulnerable for some this already makes their confidence lower than everyone else’s, and makes courses/training less appealing.  Often taking the young people longer to realise that they might need to return to education, which until recently was not possible but with the recent update to the Children Act 1989 volume 3 guidance there has been a positive change.  It now sets out Leaving care support for all children who are eligible for this service to be able to return to their Local Authority up to the age of 24 years of age to ask for support with training.

We are all aware that there are many factors that make work possible.  In order to support people back into work especially young people leaving care.  We need to look at their accommodation,  transport and emotional well being.  Each one of these could impact on the ability for anybody to work.  So with changes in Housing benefit, the increase in rents, cost of living and travel, sudden changes in the level of support provided we can see that there is a bigger challenge in helping people back into work.  Than just whether their is work available for them.  Especially if finding part time work could have a serious impact on their accommodation, and the support that they receive. 

So has this government got it right? No! do they understand it? nearly, the need to stop the situation getting worse is important.  But it is not all about protecting the wealth that already exists, instead it should be about creating opportunities and about protecting support services, charities, youth services, housing and mental health services.  To ensure more young people are fit and able to work.


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  1. Interesting post about young people in unemployment. I know in the states, we have experienced a decrease in younger adults finding work because the older generation has had to fill the jobs traditionally filled by the youth. I am really interested in social entrepreneurship and youth led coalitions can address this issue.. has that been introduced in the conversation where you are?

  2. There are many different schemes designed to encourage the under 24 year old's to start their own company's/work. There are other schemes designed to give young people to have the skills to become employable. But I think we are a long way from being able to successful in pushing for long term work to be created from youth led coalitions or similar organisations.

  3. […] have been many schemes that try to get people back into work and the latest promotes work experience as a way of giving […]

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