Sunny Holidays

Have you ever enjoyed a British Holiday on one of the lovely coasts, I particularly enjoy the east coast and have again for the second year running enjoyed staying in Great Yarmouth.  I don’t know why? there is no particular reason why I have been drawn there.  And more importantly why I have gone back to Yarmouth for two years in a row.  Especially as the first year I stayed their, I heard on the news that Great Yarmouth suffered high levels of unemployment and poverty.

Going back this year it is clear to see this now, peak season and the school holidays and Yarmouth is quiet, there was no long lines waiting to get on to the rides.  Even waiting for fresh doughnuts I received a lecture of how the economy is going down hill and how long will, or can the traders last.
What was more worrying was listening to the hotel owner who also runs a local cub group.  Where the young people usually only stay for one term, and then when they are chased for their fees they do not come back.  Or where the grants from the council take to long to come through and the main source or income is through charity and fund raising.  This is particular worrying as the fees usually are only £25 a term, and such a great experience for young children.
The social worker in me did see a business opportunity with house prices far lower than else where in the country.  Could I set up supported living for young people? well there is certainly plenty of work for young people in Great Yarmouth with the holiday trade, even dwindling as it is the seasonal work is a great opportunity for young people to earn some quick cash.
But what I do know is that when the sun is shining, Yarmouth is beautiful, with the long beaches, and hundreds of local sights and places to visit.  The local people are friendly and come rain or shine their is plenty to do for the whole family.
It has been nice to unwind and relax, forget about work.  Okay, well nearly there is always the thought of what can I do to help someone else.  Now back at work it is straight back into what will happen when the next restructure takes place?
I know that I wish I was still on holiday and that next year I will be going back to Yarmouth! 

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  1. its interesting and well judged analysis is reflecting in this writing.

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